General data protection regulations

Processing of your data

PSNBET, as data controller, stipulates that:

- your data is used only for explicit, legitimate and determined purposes related to our business

- only the data which are useful to us to establish you an estimate or create your contract are collected,

- we do not keep your data beyond the time necessary for the operations for which they were collected (application of your contract for example), or those provided for by the standards and authorizations of the CNIL (compliance pack for the insurance sector) or by law (legal requirements),

- we communicate your data to the following only intermediaries: repair partner companies, insurers, service providers or authorized 

professional management bodies which need it within the strict framework of our activities,

- You are informed when establishing a quote or signing a contract on the purpose of using your data, the optional or mandatory nature of your responses in the forms.

 The use of your data

Your data is only used for the following purposes: the management of your contract and the repair of your goods concerned under the said contract.

PSNBET is legally bound to verify that your data is exact, complete and, if necessary, up to date. We may ask you to verify it or be required to complete your file (for example by registering your email if you have written us an email).


We are committed to ensuring the security of your data by implementing data protection reinforced by the use of physical and logical security means in accordance with the rules of the art and the standards imposed on us.


Data transfers

Strict control over the transfer of your data is implemented within PSNBET. No transfers are made outside the European Union.

Your rights

Rights of access, rectification, erasure, limitation, portability, opposition and to decide the fate of your data on your death

You have rights allowing you:

  • Access to your data,
  • To request their rectification in the event of an error,
  • To request their erasure,
  • To request the limitation of their processing,
  • To request their portability,
  • To oppose their treatment,
  • To set guidelines for their fate after your death.

 You can exercise them by sending an email via the contact form or by post, Madisson Building, Midtown Queensway, GX11 1AA Gibraltar


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