The rules of the game on PSNBET

PSNBET is first of all a community of players who want to challenge themselves online from their console, on their favorite games, while earning money. A dream ... today it is possible!

PSNBET provides you with a platform that allows you to connect with opponents to challenge them. Challenge them, fix your starting bet by creating a game, or confirm a game created by another player ... and play on your console!

On PSNBET, you control everything: Your playing time, the number of games desired, the selection of opponents, your budget, the transfer of your winnings, etc ... no obligation!


Registration is simple! All you have to do is fill in all the required fields to create your account and join the PSNBET community.

How to play :

Once your account is created, to start playing, you must credit it with the amount of your choice, among those offered.

This being done, two solutions are available for you to play a game:

- Create a game: You must indicate the game of your choice (example FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20) as well as the amount of the bet.

Once your game is created, you have to wait for an opponent to take up your challenge. In this case, you will receive an email alert from PSBNET with instructions allowing you to start your game. Your opponent will not obtain your contact details in any case, your personal data will be protected.

All contact will be made only from PSNBET so as not to disclose your contact details.

- Join a game: Make a visual search from the "Join a game" page, find an opponent among the players who offer one, click "see" and "confirm" the game. The game and the amount of the bet are already fixed by the player who created the game.

Once confirmed, the information will then be sent to the two players for contact, you can then start the game.

IMPORTANT: When you confirm a game request created by you or by another player, you must make yourself available for the next 30 minutes! If this is not the case, your opponent can win the game following a non-connection, an abandonment before, during, or before the end of the match ... if the score is not in your favor!

Game over :

At the end of each game, from their "member area" -> "History of your games", the two opponents will have the obligation for the following one hour maximum, to indicate the final score. We invite you to accompany your results with a screen photo with clearly visible nicknames and score.

This step is mandatory for our team to validate the game.

If one of the two opponents does not indicate a final score and / or does not send a photo after one hour, only the one who sent them will be taken into account, his information will prevail.

If neither of the two opponents informs the end of the game, your game will remain in "In progress" mode and your account will be blocked, you will no longer be able to play. The only way to unblock the situation is to finalize the game by completing the mandatory end-of-game fields.

The winner :

The winner is the player who has the most points / goals at the end of the game. He wins all of the bets.

The loser :

The loser is the player with the lowest number of points / goals. He loses his stake to the winner.

Litigation during a game:

In the event of litigation, you will have the possibility of exchanging your points of view between you since the site, on the part "litigation" (visible button at the end of part of your "history of parts"). If no agreement is reached within 24 hours  maximum of exchanges, you agree to give all rights to the PSNBET team to take over and decide on the outcome of the game. The final result decided by PSNBET cannot be disputed.

Gains and losses:

Once the match has been won, losses or gains will be visible on your personal space (once the result confirmed by our team).

Confirmation of scores by our team:

When a game is over, the "end of game" field filled in, our team then receives an alert. We check that everything is in accordance with the rules and then validate the game if no dispute is set up within the hour.

Transfer of winnings : 

At any time from your "member area" -> "transfer my credits", you can decide to transfer your credit partially or in full to your Bybit Crypto account.

Fill in the required fields, the amount (the fees due to the transfer will be indicated under the amount).

Executing a transfer order to your Bybit account is subject to transfer fees on setting up the transaction. They correspond to 7% of the amount for each transfer made. Transfers are made after 7 days, weekends.

Minimum amount of the first withdrawal 10€, the following 25€. Maximum 5 withdrawals per month.