Frequently Asked Questions

Can we play with a tablet, a smartphone, a pc, without a game console? 

Not yet. The games currently offered for the challenges, are only played from your PlayStation® with a Network® or XBOX® account since you will have to play online against other opponents. 

 Other consoles, other supports, and other games will be added as the community evolves.

How do I transfer my credits to my bank account?

You will find all the explanations on the page "Rules" -> "Transfer of earnings by bank transfer".

Can we play with friends? 

Yes it is possible, it is enough if all opponents have a funded account on PSNBET!

Can we play two on the same console?

 Yes, nothing prevents you if each one of you have their account on PSNBET! You will still have to fill in the end of game sheet for each game. 

Is it possible to transfer part of my credits to a second account?

No, it is not possible, each account is personal and cannot have a link for a transfer or other with another account.

What is the minimum amount to fund my account?

The minimum sum of 25 € is requested, to avoid too many costs related to banking transactions.